#Harrogate LIVE

MOJO Bar, Parliament Street, Harrogate, HG1 2RE
Thursday 27th February 2020 (7-9pm)

Ow Do Harrogate!  In February we will be at the fabulous MOJO cocktail and rum bar, home of Music for the People, Food for the Soul and good times forever.

Join us in the Rhum Room to experience the famed MOJO vibe and our particularly effective brand of free networking.  Add in some drinks and some great music and you just know it's going to be an event that you don't want to miss out on.  

Located in the centre of Harrogate and stocked with over 100 different rums from every corner of the world the Rhum Room is the perfect choice for our fun and friendly networking. We were there when this great bar opened it’s doors back in 2018 and we are really pleased to be returning. It was one of the highlights of the 2018 Harrogate Live season.  Find out about our lovely hosts here.  

Places are limited so we advise that you book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment - free tickets close at 6pm 26th February 2020. We are expecting this one to be really popular.  

We have injected the 'fun' back into meeting new people, so whether networking comes naturally to you or not, we can guarantee a 'no-pressure environment' AND you leaving with brand new contacts.

Remember you don't need to be on social media or attend for the full two hours. Our flexible approach is just that, flexible.

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Top Tips...
Be Yourself

Networking events are meant as jumping-off points for relationship building. If you can't be yourself, you’ll be starting off these new relationships with a lie. Don’t try to be the person you think others want to meet. Be genuine. The people you connect with when you are authentic are the ones you’ll want to stay in touch with.

Set reasonable expectations

When attending an event, understand what you are there to do. Is your goal to feel out a new organization and get to know the vibe? Is it to meet five new people? Is it to meet one or two specific people? These are all reasonable expectations and it takes a little pre-planning to set these goals.

Don’t be afraid to join in

There is nothing wrong with joining a conversation and waiting for a natural break in the chatter to introduce yourself. In most cases, the people who are already speaking will enjoy the interruption because it gives them a chance to meet someone new. If you sense that you’ve entered into a serious discussion, it’s okay to politely excuse yourself.

Sharing is caring

If you are willing to share your contacts and resources, others will be more likely to help you as well. Develop a sincerity in your giving nature without expectation of something in return.

Remember your business cards

If you have a stimulating conversation about your business and the person you are speaking with is genuinely interested in your services,  then they will ASK for it. Remember business cards in networking events serve as a convenient way to respond to a request for your contact information.

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